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LOST BLOG: Recaps, predictions, and WHAT I GOT FROM LAST NIGHT'S "D.O.C."


First I need to say that I am honored to hear a friend of mine, who directed the film “Berkeley” has directed a Season 3 episode of “LOST.” Congrats to Bobby Roth for all his work on Prison Break and now joining the crew of Lost. I was able to meet and hang out for a few with Bobby at the Fort Lauderdale Film Festival two years ago, who held my seat to meet Michael Moore and Christopher Jaymes (In Memory Of My Father). Bobby was very nice and we talked a lot about Prison Break, and told him I could never get into that show. Sorry Bobby, but now you will have my full attention! Ha! GREAT JOB!
Wow, what a sleepy episode, until the last five minutes right? Well, not really. I was re-watching and got a lot out of this. I was so shocked to see how much I would be tying. So, instead of reading some thank you’s or crap about how Jim, Me, Vanessa, or now even Shawn solved the whole show in 2 minutes…


Some might not think too much of this, but DamonCuse obviously do. Jack’s new wardrobe is a huge deal to LOST fans. Jack is back on the beach, and is it a shocker we are not focused too much on him? Well, for those who do not know what a “red shirt” is on television it’s a term used for who will be killed. It all started on Star Trek, and was brought into more TV shows. LOST has the joke of Scott/Steve, Arzt, Gary being a red shirt, and Nikki or Paulo were also considered “red shirts”.
Let’s try not to think too much of it, but Jack to me right now, is a red shirt. What’s to come for Jack? Is Jack already dead…(inside?)

Is it me or is she just a little too good in speaking to EVERYONE on the island? Sure, everyone has their own way of talking to each other, i.e. Jin and Hurley, BUT she is speaking in their languages. Hmmm…I won’t be surprised if by next week, she says “I don’t know Italian, or Chinese.” Something is going on here and the Island wants her to be able to talk to the Lostaways. NO WAY has this girl studied all these languages JUST for this trip.
Also, last night was weird and we NEED to get into Oceanic flight 815. And I guess we will soon…

Poor Jin, doesn’t even know who his REAL father is, if there IS a real father? Probably not right? First, all the women in Jin’s life that should be the closest to him, hide so many secrets, so, no wonder the man is so angry. Sun hides the affair, and that his mother is a prostitute from him. When his mom is actually hiding from him, and that she was a high paying hooker.
I guess we got a hint of yet another woman being part of this “immaculate conception.” Something seems fishy here, and it’s not Jin’s father (get it, he’s a fisherman, ha!?!). Something else is up and I feel this is why Jin and Sun are together. Sun’s father is very successful and very HUGE as we know, and Jin is one of the experiments. It would make sense, and I feel that’s what this ”D.O.C.” episode was getting at. I feel Mr. Paik is the Korean version of Alva Hanso with money and real estate. He’s into hotels and building, so why not help put these hatches into the island. Sun says it best “…pretending of what you do.” What does he do? She’s done pretending, and I need to know!


No one knew about Sun’s pregnancy except the Losties, because Sun got pregnant ON the island. Well, we are lead to believe Ben and Juliet CAN’T know anything about the pregnancy seeing as Juliet acts, very poorly may I add, surprised when Sun tells her. How can they know? Unless Kate is talking in her sleep.
So, how the hell can Juliet leave a message to Ben about Sun’s pregnancy? Obviously Ben wanted more on Sun’s pregnancy, he got Juliet to go help her. Well, Jin is not able to make babies, and we are supposed to think the island is helping him? Nope. Not me. Juliet impregnated her somehow. Something is up here, Ben is in on it, and Juliet is the guinea pig. When Juliet says “Kwon is pregnant, the fetus is healthy and was conceived on the island with her husband, and was sterile before he got here” WHAT THE HELL DOES THIS MEAN!?!? Grrr…What is going on? Need more info…need to think more.

And you guys thought he was dead huh? TOLD YOU! Ha!
I kid, I kid! But seriously, why would we see him again in a flashback two weeks ago? Also, what I love is that the flare gun lead him RIGHT to Naomi, NOT the Fab Four, but NAOMI. Hurley calls for help, and Mikhail might have been the closest, but look at the shock on his face. He thought Naomi pulled the trigger, but to his surprise it’s the boys looking JUST as shocked. Speaking of shocked, wow, what a great reaction on Naomi’s face when she saw Mikhail and was grabbing all on Desmond, as if to say “No! Stop, I know this man, don’t let him near me, please!” Great scene! Okay, now onto Mikhail and the security barrier.
So what happened to him, you ask? I don’t know. I like what I said a few posts ago about Locke giving him something to act like he died, but it might be more than that. The continuity of him breathing was NOT continuity, he WAS breathing. That was our clue. We are getting into a STRANGE place now on the island where ANYTHING can happen. Also, Mikhail KNOWS who this Naomi chick is. Here is something I felt odd…

So, Mikhail steals the phone. Why? To steal something else from Naomi. He took the obvious phone, but he took something else HE needed. He doesn’t need a phone! The man is well equipped, as we’ve seen. Every time we see Mikhail he’s got some kind of technology where the outside world is talking to him. The computer with chess on it, which I would like to think that would be the computer to get Michael to go after Walt. (THEY GOT MY BOY!) The television screens on that deluxe editing suite so Mikhail can track down Oceanic Flight 815 when Juliet and Ben go see her after the plane crashes.
Now, Vanessa and Shawn have this theory that the plane crash was staged. Well, let’s go back to the Wizard of Oz theory BLOG POST I did two weeks ago where I mentioned Hanso and Oceanic’s President Michael Orteig would be in on it, as in money. Hanso needed a plane to get these Losties on the island, and who else to ask but your buddy Orteig. So, this will explain why Naomi said what she said at the end of “D.O.C.”.
But, back to Mikhail and Naomi. Mikhail requests that he is “let go” when he fixes Naomi up. Why? To go hide in the jungle? He has no clue where Ben and the others are, and he doesn’t mind the company with the Losties. He can’t be near Naomi. So, what I am thinking is,
1) He knows who Naomi is, and it’s NOT GOOD. So he asks to leave so she doesn’t recognize him, plus he pretends to steal the phone, as a decoy to steal something else that’s missing in her bag.
2) He’s off to meet up with Rousseau and take Alex back. He wants Ben dead (who doesn’t), and this might be the way to get Alex back. We need to see Karl and Rousseau pretty damn quick.

LOVE IT! Shit I love Mikhail! Why is it he knows EVERYTHING about EVERYONE on this island. So…Charlie went deaf when the hatch blew up with him in it. BUT, something else happened when the hatch blew up and I’m thinking time and space might have been bent or something. Charlie was deaf sometime. When Charlie threatens Mikhail with tearing out his OTHER eye, Mikhail motions to his ear, lifting it up saying ”Huh, What?!” and Charlie goes completely off his tits. Why? Mikhail knows more about every ones misfortunes that we know. I’m thinking because he has a huge misfortune and that’s not seeing our of two eyes, so he has a third one that works better than 20/20.
So what happened to Charlie, was he deaf? What does Mikhail know that we don’t?


OK OK OK! Let’s get into it! The moment we have all been waiting for. The big news from Naomi and the episodes final words. She informs Hurley:
1) The plane CRASHED – From what we know and seeing it on Mikhail’s monitors in “One Of Us”, the plane “Disappeared.” So how does Naomi believe that the plane crashed? Don’t believe everything you SEE on TV! Staged!
2) There were no survivors – obviously there are! One of them is talking to you, wait, it’s Hurley though, and we have theories of this guy not even BEING on the island. Hmmm…No survivors? Plenty of them there! And as we know we have more coming on the way. Sun, Kate and hell maybe Jack is too, acting like a little girl most the time.
3) The way she cuts off Hurley is almost like she’s scripted to tell him this. She doesn’t act shocked to hear there was at least ONE survivor? If someone told me they were part of a crash I saw on TV and said EVERYONE died, I would at least be “HOW DID YOU SURVIVE, it’s a miracle!! Are you alone?”
What was going around the TV room last night with Shawn and Vanessa was that the plane crash was staged. And VERY VERY possible. Think of Hanso, Orteig, the buddies if you will. Hanso has power and Orteig has the props. So, all we need now is a TV station to blow the story out of the water, kind of like Fox News’ sudden announcement that Bush won the election in 2002, and then every other station followed their lead. Assholes.
So what if they staged it? Also, what if Naomi isn’t ONLY there for Desmond. What if this woman was hired by Penny, but Naomi got the job because she NEEDED to get on that island? Like a TEST if you will. Once again! TESTS! Naomi knows A LOT more than we think about this island. She seemed scared of Mikhail and Mikhail seemed like he was all into her.

Four hours left and this BLOG will need to find another way to connect with you. There’s three weeks and four hours of LOST left, we will see some major shit and some major twists I feel.
The storm that we saw coming in last week’s episode “Catch-22”, which was gorgeous by the way, is saying that this episode was the CALMING before the STORM. The clouds seen and thunder heard was enough to say, HOLY SHIT here we go, next week is going to KICK SOME ASS!!! But, as we all know, there is the calm before the storm and maybe that’s why not many people liked this episode too much. It’s been go go go (Magnolia reference) few episodes lately, until last night.
So what I am saying here is GET READY for some MAJOR fast action and scary, yet unbelievable twists. DamonCuse know they have EVERYTHING to lose since the show wants at least TWO more SEASONS!!!! GO GET ‘EM BOYS!

Wow, is he not the cutest little Korean man you have ever seen…LOVE THIS GUY!!!! So sad we won’t see him anymore. He RULED. And his SAKE!!!!


EVERYTHING Naomi said – (To Desmond, Jin, Hurley, Charlie, Mikhail) – How the shit does she speak so many languages? And you may say, it was one or two words, but is it me or did she learn “I’m not alone”, “I’m dying”, etc. JUST for this trip like she knew she was in bad shape from the get go. NO! She’s in a bad way right now, and is speaking in “tongues” if you will. But, next morning, she wakes up felling better and speaking English, and coherent. I don’t know. A little strange, yo!

Hurley (to Desmond, Charlie, Jin) - “Oops” - The flare gun couldn’t really do anything for them, but HURLEY, ya big dummy! But, there’s the Hurley we were used to in Seasons One and Two. But why? Why now, when we were seeing a leader transform so quick and before our eyes? Is Hurley going back to his old ways? Nah! He’s Hurley the Hero!

Sun (To Kate) – “What do you think happened to Jack, when he was with the Others? He seems different” - Well, because Sun, HE IS DIFFERENT! Our HERO is quickly becoming our ZERO. Red shirt! See. Well put in the script and very well delivered by Sun. Keep watching Jack guys, oh wow, the worst is yet to come.

Mikhail (to Desmond) - ”As your friend pointed out, I already died once this week.” - WHAT?! Oye, you’re killing me here! What the shit is going on? Here’s some insight though. Locke and Mikhail knew each other prior to the crash. How? Locke’s been there before? Or Mikhail needed boxes for his Flame Hatch Tree House, that’s why Locke staged Mikhail’s death, so no one can hurt him anymore. Mikhail and Michael. Michael/Mikhail. Hmm…I wonder if there’s more on that?

“Eu não estou só," which translates to "I'm not the only," which is close to "Eu não estou sozinha," meaning "I'm not alone." (To Desmond, Charlie, Hurley) – (THANK YOU Well well well. I guess these Dharma assholes can not be trusted. Who would have thunk? I guess we will have a CarolAnn moment on the season finale…THEY’RE HEEEERE!

Mr. Kwon (To Sun) - ”I wasn’t even sure if I was the father.” - Nope, I hate to say it my man! You’re not his father, but you took good care of him. Who is Jin’s father? Anxious to see how this one all pans out.

Mr. Paik (To Sun) - Why should I give you money without an explanation?” - I feel he has said that to someone else, but that certain someone happens to be a Mr. Hanso. Yup! And damn did he EVER get an explanation. Oh and by the way, who has money? Cause maybe we can offer it to Mr. Hanso, so we too can get an explanation.

Juliet (To Sun) “We all make mistakes” - Wow, well, if Juliet wasn’t just screaming, “Get out now! Trust me, this is a HUGE mistake sister!” I love that line, what a great line for such an average episode. Sorry. It was an average episode script wise. But purposely so. Calm…get ready!

Sun (To Jin’s whorish mother) - “My husband believes that you are dead, Don’t force me to make that a reality” - Sun is a badass woman and damn if she means it when she comes out fighting. Do not, I repeat do not mess with the Kwon family. Sun’s words can make you feel 2 inches tall, and Jin’s “Spinning Star Kick” will knock any one-eyed man to the ground. Jin – FULL POINT! WIN!

- Mikhail survived the barrier, but how? Why?
- How was Flight 815 found since they crashed in the ocean?
- Where did flight 815 crash?
- What is up Juliet’s sleeve, behind Ben or behind his back?
- Is Kate pregnant?
- How does Naomi know so many languages?
- What did Mikhail REALLY steal out of the sack?
- Naomi is not alone. Who is with her?
- Sun has this file on Mr. Kwon. Why? How did she get it? Very Others of her.

- Sun won’t die. She is part of this Immaculate Conception like her husband is.
- Sawyer still has to kill Anthony Cooper! Ha! I know we say this every week, but I guess it’s a season finale story. That’s all Sawyer has going for him.
- Locke has plans for Anthony Cooper, but Sawyer will get to them first, making Locke a little pissy.
- Naomi knows Mikhail and she will tell the Fab Four “I dreamt of a man fixing me with a patch, named Mikhail.” To their dismay, they agree with her.
- We still need a Charlie, Ben, Jack, and Sawyer flashback
- Rousseau needs Mikhail to help kill Ben. But something will cause a stir.
- Jack needs drama and it’s not Kate or Juliet. What gives? Christian maybe?

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See you soon!

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